October 22, 2005

Ice Pop

After chatting with friends last night, one of whom will understand the title reference, I thought I should catch up on a very old past-time: Breakdancing. So for anyone who's interested, this is what I'll be doing in my apartment at quieter moments:


Despite what many people think, turtles and handglides are actually very different. This move is done by shifting weight and placing hands in the right places, while handglides are done by putting weight down and spinning.
Step 1: Get used to holding the turtle position, and be able to breathe well when you're holding it. The position is having both elbows stabbed into both sides of the abdominal muscles, remember to keep your ass low.
Step 2: Get into the position and lift the right hand up, leaving all of your weight on top of your left hand.
Step 3: Don't spin, but turn on your left hand counter-clockwise, so that you can place your right hand around it.
Step 4: Stab your right elbow back into your abdominal muscles, so your temporarily back into the starting turtle position.
Step 5: Now place all of your weight onto your right hand, and lift your left hand.
Step 6: Turn counter-clockwise again while you continue to bring your left hand around and stab it again so you're back to the starting turtle position.Repeat, and remember to shift the weight onto one hand before moving the next hand around.

Mogs - don't know if you are aware of this blog but get practising and I'll give you a dance off when I return.......

Also, in other news - this is the best haircut I have seen for a while:

"Mi an dem fi go a di party but di three of them had caps an' mi had none so mi get two mirror one behind mi and di other in front of mi an' mi trim mi hair like a cap an' go a di dance," said Housen.

and as the headline helpfully points out - the hair is the hat!

October 6, 2005

Had a difficult day...?

If you have had a long and tiring day like me, the following links might amuse you, in a base childish kinda way:

http://www.rathergood.com/independent_woman/ - the excellent Elbow covering a Destiny's Child classic with a super video.....

http://www.rathergood.com/buffy/ - a few naughty words but nevermind.

An excellent site for stupid things!!