May 27, 2006

Wet n' (not) Wild

Its raining?
Again. I don't believe it.

May 9, 2006

Tee Pee Poo

So, Golden Week has been and gone but it certainly lived up to its name. I spent a fantastic few days 'hardcore' camping with a special friend.

After saving said lady from a near head on collision with a shinkansen:

We made our way to the middle of nowhere - Akamizu, Kumamoto-ken in the shadow of Aso-san - for a little known music festival. Just below the volcanic slopes was a small field with a couple of hundred like-minded people sleeping in tee pees, relaxing in the sun and enjoying life, all surrounded by beautiful forests and breathtaking views.

Having travelled light and pitched our tent we set about wandering round peace loving hippies with dirty brown babies and eating as much delicious food as possible. We passed the following days chatting with random strangers, avoiding showers, avoiding toilets and drifting in and out of reality.

The nights were spent dancing up a storm to obscure Japanese bands with names such as Aqua Bomb and Guitar Panda (see opposite), listening to drum beats and watching naked men rolling in the dirt.

We also indulged in a spot of finger painting, tug-o-war, cooking on the smallest stove ever seen and secret sneaks into the woods.

It was quite simply - amazing. Roll on next year.....