November 12, 2005

Monkey / Heaven Interface

In the coming weeks I'll be getting very excited about seeing this man:
make lots of noise with the little known band -

Woo hoo!

November 7, 2005

Winter Range

After studying the varying fashions in this great country, I have decided that this winter I will be sporting the following look...

For especially cold days, this ensemble:

(yes I will be growing my hair in a similar fashion)

Underneath which I will be wearing:

In other thoughts, I really should do something else rather than post utter rubbish to my blog. That is all. Goodnight.

November 6, 2005

Time on my hands....

Whilst I should be studying nihongo, I find my inner geek wandering to top 5 lists thanks to a recent repeat viewing of High Fidelity.

I have come to the conclusion that they are very difficult to make up and I shouldn't waste my time doing so. But, just for kicks, I reckon I'll share my top 5 opening lyrics (from recently purchased music to narrow it right down):

1. "All my saints have taken bribes
Singing going going gone
All the angels taken dives
Leaving you the only one......"
Elbow "The Everthere"

2. " I sleep with my hands across my chest
And I dream of you with someone else
I fill my body with things that I don't need
Until I sink to the bottom....."
Maximo Park "Going Missing"

3. " Take me for a drive to the coastline
Pull me to the depths of the sea
Leave me in the middle of the ocean
I can walk the rest of the way....."
The Dears "Lost in the Plot"

4. " Some granite wall
Numbs our bones, numbs our all
As we sit on skinny hands
Nothing to say, nothing at all....."
Franz Ferdinand "You're the Reason I'm Leaving"

5. "I like the peace of the backseat
I don't have to drive
I don't have to speak
I can watch the countryside
and I can fall asleep......"
Arcade Fire "In the Backseat"

I guess they might sound a bit cheesy taken out of context/without the music but they catch my attention in the songs and I've written them now so I might as well post! No more top 5 lists for me.

November 5, 2005

At last

Well, it is finally time for my first full weekend off in four weeks - yippee! It has been a lazy, Gyllenhaal flavoured day, heading into town without much of a plan. Looking for a copy of the highly recommended Secretary without much success and pondering its purchase instead.

Whilst flicking through some random magazines, I happened upon this mildy attractive young man:

who elicited such a response from my companion that I feel I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't request that anyone who may read this blog in passing, resemble Jake and happen to be in Japan right now - I have a lovely friend Kate who might like to meet you!

It's growing dark now and I'm now in my mansion, listening to my new Bloc Party Remix album on my new headphones, looking forward to a Saturday night and another day off tomorrow.

November 1, 2005

Dick Turtle vs. Fanny Packs

Thanks once again to another friend linking me up with another memory:

aaah - takes me back to the fun-filled days of free periods, snorting white powder (courtesy of Dick Turtle's Fun Bag), playing beef-curtain cricket and weaving friends into furniture.

Nowadays I'm having different kinds of fun including dressing up as a pirate (for the 2nd time but in a slightly more camp way), receiving a 'rabu reta' from a strange woman and re-discovering the laughs in The Office via my DVD player.

just remember: be careful, over there your fanny is your arse ...... not your minge.