November 5, 2005

At last

Well, it is finally time for my first full weekend off in four weeks - yippee! It has been a lazy, Gyllenhaal flavoured day, heading into town without much of a plan. Looking for a copy of the highly recommended Secretary without much success and pondering its purchase instead.

Whilst flicking through some random magazines, I happened upon this mildy attractive young man:

who elicited such a response from my companion that I feel I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't request that anyone who may read this blog in passing, resemble Jake and happen to be in Japan right now - I have a lovely friend Kate who might like to meet you!

It's growing dark now and I'm now in my mansion, listening to my new Bloc Party Remix album on my new headphones, looking forward to a Saturday night and another day off tomorrow.


Kate said...

aaaaa ... beautiful

Vernon said...

Might be able to find a copy of Secretary. Have to have a video night at my house one day. BYO popcorn, wine, whatever...