November 6, 2005

Time on my hands....

Whilst I should be studying nihongo, I find my inner geek wandering to top 5 lists thanks to a recent repeat viewing of High Fidelity.

I have come to the conclusion that they are very difficult to make up and I shouldn't waste my time doing so. But, just for kicks, I reckon I'll share my top 5 opening lyrics (from recently purchased music to narrow it right down):

1. "All my saints have taken bribes
Singing going going gone
All the angels taken dives
Leaving you the only one......"
Elbow "The Everthere"

2. " I sleep with my hands across my chest
And I dream of you with someone else
I fill my body with things that I don't need
Until I sink to the bottom....."
Maximo Park "Going Missing"

3. " Take me for a drive to the coastline
Pull me to the depths of the sea
Leave me in the middle of the ocean
I can walk the rest of the way....."
The Dears "Lost in the Plot"

4. " Some granite wall
Numbs our bones, numbs our all
As we sit on skinny hands
Nothing to say, nothing at all....."
Franz Ferdinand "You're the Reason I'm Leaving"

5. "I like the peace of the backseat
I don't have to drive
I don't have to speak
I can watch the countryside
and I can fall asleep......"
Arcade Fire "In the Backseat"

I guess they might sound a bit cheesy taken out of context/without the music but they catch my attention in the songs and I've written them now so I might as well post! No more top 5 lists for me.

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