January 17, 2006

Spot the difference

Despite being in Japan for nearly 18 months now, I recently spent a top-notch long weekend doing some great things for the first time. It was a whirlwind of hairdressers, massages, amazing food, bad films, crazy train rides and Love Hotels. We did squeeze in an old Japanese favourite though - a quick hour of karaoke. A massacred rendition of 'Like a Prayer' led me to catch up with Madge, the incredible never-aging woman. If you go here you can immerse yourself in some of her finest moments and note how little she and some of the dancing has changed over the years.
After watching 'Hung Up' - I have now found a new move to aspire to as breakdancing is proving just a little too difficult for my aging frame. I shall now endeavour to never take an elevator again, instead I shall be doing flips and spins between stair flights a la the dancer in the video. If you're lucky you might even catch me doing it in a pink leotard.

Something approaching what I might look like.

In other news, I have now fallen into the trap of renting '24'. Having watched through til 8pm of series 2 in just one week, I'm still itching to get to the grand finale. Just another two and a half series to go - will I ever see the light of day?? Jack - help me.....