July 15, 2006

Easy now.....

Hmmmm. Well my last couple of posts have been a bit negative.

But my jaded view has been lifted slightly by a very kind 65 year old dentist!

On hearing I was English he started telling a tale about an Englishman who had helped the Japanese a long time ago and how he would like to repay some of that kindness. This consisted of a free Xray, local Japanese rates for drugs/treatment and a lively examination.

I have no idea what incident he was talking about.

(Lets not mention that the surgery/equipment was at least as old him and the hygiene procedure was just as dated)

Hope it all gets sorted - I'm tired of not being able to open my mouth.

July 13, 2006

Shit List

How annoying life can be sometimes. I pay for medical insurance. I have the worst toothache ever. I call to check I'm covered for treatment. Am I bollocks.

So another profession is added to the list of those I will most likely hate for life. The full list reads:
1. Taxi drivers
2. Landlords
3. Medical Insurers

(in no particular order)

July 5, 2006


Apparently blogging allows free expression, the chance to say things you want without constraint. Not in Japan.
The dictionary definition reads "friendship; a good relationship" somehow this translates to "life controlling; privacy invasion". Funny that.