March 30, 2006


This weekend I made a brief but exciting visit to the big smoke that is Tokyo. The reason - a meeting of old friends:

You can probably work out which are my friends.....

After a good chat and a (very) little sleep we set about doing all things Japanese as an immediate introduction to Nihon. On the menu was print club, karaoke, genki drinks, sushi, izakayas, temples, shrines and crazy shopping.

As they work their way to Hiroshima for another weekend meeting, it leaves me very happy if a little unsettled to have a reminder of home in such proximity. Could it be a touch of home sickness - maybe not as I am probably the happiest I have ever been. Perhaps just the anticipation of friends seeing my life here in Hiroshima. The slightly revised menu for this weekend will likely include Miyajima, Peace Memorial Park, shopping and as many bars, restaurants and coffee shops as we see fit.

The next few days is also a time of sayonaras with Naoko leaving our company tomorrow and Vman's farewell night on Saturday. Best of luck to all.

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Trent Jackdaw said...

I want more details about the weekend, preferably involving drink, karaoke and inappropriate handstands. Hope it's all going spiffingly.