July 25, 2007

faster than the speed of cheese

12 little days left after today. and only 3 of those days are at work!! zipping by it is.

feeling a touch sad - i'm a seasoned "goodbye" sayer having done it on numerous occasion during my time here. but hearing about my little students getting home and crying because they won't see me again makes me feel a little funny. still - a quick letter to said student with my address enclosed should do the trick.

however, i'm also well aware that give it 3 or 4 weeks and it will be "greg who??"

have been getting some goodbye pressies too - only had two days of my last week and have already got two t-shirts (one i won't be wearing/one i might) and a jimbe:

something i would never really buy myself but am very happy to have as a gift/souvenir. mine is a little brighter with a less than tasteful design but nevermind....

hair is all chopped off - done by an expert hand at "Rough" hair salon.
money is transferred.
boxes are sent.
bags are in the process of being packed.

not sure i'll have much more to blog about before i leave but with a free week to do as i please, maybe the urge will take me again....

otherwise it'll be stateside bloggage!

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