July 18, 2007

ooh err!

Even after three years here in Japan it is still a country that continues to confound and surprise me. A plethora of odd stories in the news, from grisly murders to blatant political corruption via a few crazy new technologies always keeps me reading avidly.

However, on a more personal note, this weekend we discovered what appeared to be a shop with a large selection of full-on Gay Manga Porn!!

Now, for a - dare i say it - extremely homophobic country, this came as somewhat of a surprise.... we flicked through quite a few of the books and although mostly text, there were certainly a fair few drawings of the man-on-man variety. The fully illustrated ones were wrapped up tight in cellophane but from what we saw the standard Japanese pixellation of the naughty bits still applies here.

Here are a few examples of the front covers:

Down boy!

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